I am an #AlexFromTarget fangirl

He’s the one who’s got every pubescent girl screaming, the one that even stirred Ellen Degeneres’s heart; he’s the next big Internet sensation. It’s #AlexFromTarget.

If you don’t know who Alex from Target is, you sure haven’t been on the Internet lately. But here’s what you’ve missed: Alex From Target is actually Alex LaBeouf, a 16 year old One Direction-looking kid from Dallas, Texas. He became the next Internet icon when a teenage girl leaked a cute candid photo of him working at a Target checkout counter on Twitter and it went viral. He went from only having 144 followers on Twitter to about 730,000 followers last week.

Target no longer became the place where you could just wear slippers and have no make up on; it became the place where you’d have to dress up and look good to meet your one true love, Alex.

Despite being the most important time in the United States as political analysts spent last Wednesday interpreting the significance of the midterm elections, social media was overpowered by the obsession of the cute guy next door.

One frequent Internet user, senior Chris Pang, commented on the trending #AlexFromTarget. “I think it shows how our younger generations have so much time to do worthless things. I think they should be more interested in current events and be up-to-date on global affairs, but they are more focused on pop sensations and one-hit wonders.”

In fact, the hashtag #AlexFromTarget has reached over 2.2 million tweets just last week, overshadowing updates on the United States midterm elections and the outbreak of the Ebola virus.

Has the Internet finally lost its way?

There are millions of people who have meaningful messages to share to the world, and so many talents that are still waiting to be discovered. But who cares when good genes can make one person be on millions of people’s news feeds within seconds?

Ellen Degeneres fell in love with his cuteness too. Although the Ellen Show usually invites talented celebrities or everyday heroes doing good works, Alex from Target made an appearance… for doing absolutely nothing. Other than bagging groceries pretty well, Alex admits he doesn’t have any other talents. Well, maybe he “can dance; it’s not good. It’s pretty embarrassing,” Alex admitted on the Ellen Show.

With the #AlexFromTarget movement still going strong, our younger generation learns one more time that you don’t need to be talented or work hard to be famous. We no longer need education or effort to become successful–all we need is to be good looking and to have someone capture us in the right camera angle.

Many active social media users have created parodies, memes, and short videos regarding this hot trend, further failing to recognize people who deserve to be heard as well as neglecting important issues that are happening around the world.

Alex From Target may be the new hot guy craze right now, but I’m kind of digging Daquan from Staples.


Source from Tenzoro, wehearit.com

Author: Hong Bin Jeong

Hong Bin Jeong is the Art and Infographics Editor for The Eye and part of the Morning Show production staff. This is her first year on staff and eleventh year in SAS. She was born in South Korea, but has lived in Singapore for almost thirteen years. In her free time, she loves to create art and try different types of ice cream. She can be contacted at jeong20091@sas.edu.sg.

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