Sensational start for Eagles at IASAS

The Eagles are coming out strong. With the first day of IASAS down, our eagles are soaring out over Southeast Asia.

Both the boys and girls soccer teams in KL are kicking it in their games. The girls team started off with a tie with home team ISKL 3-3.  The second game against ISB ended in victory with a score of 2-0 against ISB. The boys team is also incredible, winning against ISB (3-1) in the morning and another against ISM (3-1) later on.

Over in Manila at ISM, our volleyball boys and girls are smashing their games. Girls are undefeated against ISM, ISB and ISKL. Boys powered through their day as well, winning all their games against ISB, ISKL and TAS.

Also in Manila, our cross country team is preparing for the5k on Friday and the 3k on Saturday.

Continue watching and supporting our Eagles and send messages of support for all our athletes. Good luck and make us proud.


To watch our soccer players:

To watch our volleyball players:



Author: Sophia Coulter

Sophia Coulter is a second year reporter for The Eye, a Morning Show producer, and a current senior. This is her eighth year at SAS, but is originally from New York City. When she isn’t studying she likes to eat food, spend time with friends and watch netflix. Sophia can be contacted at

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