Seniors take advantage of SAS photography wunderkinds

Once the college admissions process is over, the demand for SAS senior photos increases dramatically. Desperately wanting their senior quotes to be accompanied by an attractive photo, students rolling in red frantically search for the best professional photographers available. Unfortunately, like any other product market, as demand increases, so does the price. As a result, students who aren’t willing to pay such steep prices look for alternative opportunities.

This is when an elite group of SAS students swoops in. Understanding that many photographers’ prices are too steep and location too inconvenient, these aspiring students show us their unique selling point. They can take top-tier photos of seniors at a convenient location and at a very low price.

Here are  just a few of the many students that grace us with their photography skills.


  • Anthony Sadler



Anthony Sadler Article Picture


Analysis: This photograph beautifully places this young lady (Lisa Hussey) in the heart of Singapore. Using a delightful combination of urban and nature, Anthony effectively depicts two of Singapore’s finest qualities. Meanwhile, Lisa stands in a position of sheer awe and admiration. You can tell that no conversation is needed. She looks as if she can stay silently in this position for hours, remaining perfectly at peace. Anthony does an excellent job combining these aspects to create one beautiful picture.

Anthony’s Price Information: $50 for 1-hour session, $75 for 1-hour session with 2 people. (One session includes shooting at two locations and photos being professionally edited.)

Anthony’s contact information: 82284611


  • Gabe Goh



Gabe Pic


Analysis: As we can clearly see in this picture, Gabe places excellent emphasis on the subject’s (Hayden Mountcastle) flawless flow. In addition, the subtle stance and smile add a candid nature to the photo that we all desperately desire. With a flip of the glasses and a quick bake in the sun, Hayden looks completely content. What completes the photo, however, is the natural background. The multiple shades of green beautifully relate to Hayden’s pose in this picture: naturally simple but extraordinarily unique.

Gabe’s Price Information: $20 for 1-hour session

 Gabe’s Contact Information: 90402227


  • Sid Iyer Sequiera

Analysis: Combining multiple colors in a photo that does not have a diverse background is quite the difficult task. Sid, however, is always up for the challenge. In this picture, he combines green, pink, and blue to create one beautiful and extremely colorful picture. It is quite amazing how he gets the blue color of her (Audrey Sullivan) eyes to pop, even while being accompanied by the multicolored dress and the green of the plants. Exquisite.

Sid’s Price Information: $50 for 1-hour session.

Sid’s contact information: 96392423

Facebook Page: sid iyer-sequeira photography


Other Photographers Available (With Pricing/Contact Information)


Nadia Kim- Senior

Price: $50 for one, $40 for two (1-5 hours)

Contact Info: Email-


Izzy Nguyen- Phuoc

Price: $50-100

Contact Info:


I urge all seniors to seriously consider SAS photographers for their senior portraits. These aspiring students do it for the sheer joy of the experience, not to make a quick buck. Approach any “professional” photographer and see their price/quality ratio. Afterwards, you will certainly have the desire to line up to get your photos taken by our fellow wunderkinds.



Author: Jack Albanese

Jack Albanese is a Senior and has been at SAS for 8 years. Activities include varsity golf, basketball, and football. He is also the co-writer of "The Media Lab." This is Jack's first year with the newspaper.

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