Top 10 Stages of ordering Subway

  1. Ho or Subway, Ho or Subway?

  1. Ask a friend to go with you for moral support

  1. Sigh at the never ending line

  1. Step out of line, it’s not worth it

  1. Step back in line, yes it is

  1. 6 or 12?

  1. I said jalapenos plural not one jalapeno

  1. Too much sauce

  1. Brownie or Cookie? This decision is harder than picking a college.

  1. Wait it’s not Ping. I don’t know her name, what do I do?

Author: Emma Gammons

Emma Gammons is the Design Editor and Website Manager for the SAS Eye Online. This is her fourth year at SAS and her first year as part of The Eye staff. Outside school Emma likes making her friends guess her movie references and finding good places to eat. She can be reached at

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