Public mooning

Durian, oreo cheesecake and green tea smells circulated the air. Mid Autumn Festival has arrived! The season of family gathering, big bright moons, and the stuffing of our faces with mooncakes. Otherwise known to us as “Moon Cake Day,” the festival this year began on Sept. 8.

The beginning of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival marked the end of Singapore’s Takashimaya Mooncake Fair. We arrived, we tasted, and we evaluated at this year’s busiest mooncake gathering.

Students Tess Nelligan, Sophia Eristoff, Sid Iyer-Sequeira, Ragini Sharma, Tiffany Yu made their way through the masses of bodies in the basement square of Takashimaya, ready to begin their mooncake tasting experience.

We began our search with eyes wide and stomachs empty. This year’s mooncake chefs had outdone themselves, pushing the boundaries of the traditional mooncake to create fresh and unusual flavors.


Stall #1: “Bakers Well”

Featured mooncake flavor: Mixed nuts

The sweet, salty, nutty flavors swirled in our mouths. After tasting the mixed nuts mooncake, Nelligan asked, “How did that sell out?”



Stall #2: Grand Hyatt

Featured mooncake flavor: None

Eristoff pointed out that the queue for mooncakes at Grand Hyatt was too long so we skipped this booth.



Stall #3: Home’s Favorite Cookies ‘n’ Durian

Featured mooncake flavor: The new and popular Durian Ice Cream

Eristoff declared that the durian flavor was the best, but Nelligan shook her head in complete disagreement and disgust. “I’m going to puke,” Nelligan remarked a few minutes later.



Stall #4: East Ocean Teochew Restaurant

Featured mooncake flavor: White lotus and black sesame, Green tea snow-skin

Sharma contended that the white lotus and black sesame was “sweet with a little tang of lotus,” and that “the black sesame brought out the flavor–a burnt taste.”

rsz_img_5570_1 2.jpg


Stall #5: D’Bun

Featured mooncake flavor: Green tea with dark chocolate

Before tasting, Eristoff exclaimed, “Oh my god, there’s chocolate!”

Dark chocolate and green tea settled in our mouths. Somewhat disappointed, Yu said, “It was aight.”



Stall #6: Bread Junction

Featured mooncake flavor: Yam

The fascinating royal gold mooncake immediately caught our eyes. “Yam!” Seth squealed. Eristoff said the yam was nice and cool, yet Sharma disagreed. “Ew, I don’t like this.”


The Green Tea-Snow skin mooncake won the “Best Mooncake of the Year” title by our lovely tasters, with the traditional Lotus flavored mooncake as the runner up. Unfortunately, the Durian mooncake failed to win the hearts of our tasters and earned the “Worst Mooncake of the Year” title. Maybe next year, Durian!

Photos by Sid Iyer-Sequeira




Author: Sanya Seth

Sanya Seth is a Copy Editor of The Eye and is one of the Morning Show’s production staff. She is a senior and this is her first year as a journalism student. Besides leading a busy life with people to see and places to be, she enjoys talking, taking royal naps, and in her free time can be found sipping on coffee from her special mug. You can contact her at

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