Yik Yak Boom and Drop

title screen
“Did you see that yak?”

“That yak was hilarious, up it!”

“Holy crap that yak is so mean.”

A new app has come to SAS: Yik Yak. In a short time, the app became one of the most popular on campus. By taking your location, Yik Yak enables people to post comments anonymously. The rest of the people in the location can choose to “up it” or “down it.”

The highest Yaks have nearly 100 ups and go on the “hot” page according to the number they receive.



High school principal Dr. Fahrney said the app violates our core values in a number of ways. Administration took the proactive approach and contacted the company to have them put up a “geofence” around the campus to block its use.

Fahrney acknowledged that this app is popular worldwide. He commented that the mean posts are from people whose self-esteem is low and who boost it by tearing down others. SASʻs core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness and compassion are all broken with the use of this app.

Administration encouraged students to delete the app. There haven’t been any specific complaints yet, but screenshots have been shown to principals. Fahrney also commented that sharing, in this case “up-ing” or saying, “did you see this yak,” is just as bad as writing the comments. He highly encourages students to just put away the app.

Last week, YikYak was the number one subject of student banter, but its popularity may be dropping rapidly. The number of posts have already decreased and some yaks are about how yakking is bad.

One post made this very clear. “I think we need to step back and realize who we are hurting. We are hurting our peers and the beautiful school we go to. How would you feel if you were at the other end of the comment? #TheEagleWay.”

Another post on Yik Yak also urged responsible use. “There’s some good humor on this app, I’m not gonna lie. Just don’t use it for the wrong reasons, don’t hate on anyone or anything. Just don’t.”

SAS students have attributed the app’s popularity to several features.

Junior Izzie Riant said, “It is popular at SAS because people love to point out flaws of others.”

Similarly, sophomore Rosie Hogan said, “It’s anonymous and it gives people a rush to post.”

In thinking about the nature of Yik Yak, Farney asked, “What do you think it will take for people to actually decide to delete the app or stop using it, specifically in a negative way?”

Senior Lisa Hussey thinks blocking the school’s coordinates is stupid, “Students should be able to learn self-discipline on the Internet.”

There are numerous ways to point out how bad Yik Yak is. However, there are people who enjoy the app.

Junior Sean Mouton saiblockd, “Yik Yak is the best, it allows me to connect with people.”

Yik Yak is now disabled from use on the SAS wi-fi. Along with that, administration sent a note to all parents warning them about the app and attached information about Yik Yak. The students will choose whether it “booms” or “drops” on the rest of the island.


Author: Sophia Coulter

Sophia Coulter is a second year reporter for The Eye, a Morning Show producer, and a current senior. This is her eighth year at SAS, but is originally from New York City. When she isn’t studying she likes to eat food, spend time with friends and watch netflix. Sophia can be contacted at coulter34516@sas.edu.sg.

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